Hitalo de Jesus Bezerra da Silva, Valdivânia Albuquerque Nascimento, João Batista de Oliveira Libório Dourado, Moisés das Virgens Santana, Bruna Leal Melo de Oliveira, Humberto Denys de Almeida Silva


Direct contact with the atmosphere or any other medium containing oxygen, water or moisture, produces in the carbon steel a form of generalized corrosion, with the formation of layers of oxides. In this sense, the present work had as objective to evaluate the technological potential of nanocomposite with ceramic matrix applied in coating of carbon steel for anticorrosion, with studies in the databases of patents INPI, DERWENT, ESPACENET, USPTO and in the database of articles Web of Science, Scielo and Scopus.


Carbon Steel; Corrosion; Ceramic Matrix; Nanocomposite

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