Dilliani Naiane Mascena Lopes, Luisa Janaina Lopes Barroso Pinto, Francisco José Lopes Cajado, Glácio Souza Araújo, José William Alves da Silva


Geographical Indications (GIs) are, according to the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), collective tools for valuing traditional products related to certain territories. To date, there are 10 Geographical Indications by Denomination of Origin in Brazil, one of which is the Costa Negra shrimp in Ceará. In this context, the purpose of this study was to describe the importance of the registration of Geographical Indication in the quality assurance in the shrimp production chain of Costa Negra, characterizing the region and relating the advantages that IG brought to the commercialization of the product and development of the region. The research was developed through the collection of information in electronic databases such as Scielo and Science Direct, as well as data from official sites. The research shows that in total, 63 GIs have already been registered by the institute, being 55 national and 8 foreign. The installation of geographical indications presents itself as a strategy that makes feasible the environmental sustainability and the competition of important economic poles for the development of the region of Costa Negra. The geographical indication added in parallel to the shrimp industry socio-environmental development and diversified the economic activities of the region of Costa Negra in Ceará with increased investments in the tourism and gastronomy sector.



Geographical Indication of the Costa Negra; Shrimp Culture; Socioenvironmental Development

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